You Can Smoke Pot in NYC as Long as You Live in a White Neighborhood

This week, the Drug Policy Alliance published a report on the demographics and geography of pot possession arrests in de Blasio's New York, of which BuzzFeed has a detailed analysis. The results: Smoking weed is pretty much OK if you live in Bensonhurst, but not if you live in Bed Stuy. » 10/23/14 6:00pm Yesterday 6:00pm

Why Is a Conservative Group Running These Ridiculous Pro-Weed Hulu Ads?

If you live in North Carolina and you watch a lot of online TV, you might have seen the ads. "More weed, less war," exclaims a twentysomething dudebro in one of them, waving a pot leaf-emblazoned poster. "Vote Sean Haugh...Ohhhh Yeah." But Haugh, a Libertarian Senate candidate, has nothing to do with them. » 10/23/14 4:30pm Yesterday 4:30pm

An Army of Low-Wage Workers Keeps Child Porn off Your Facebook

Chances are, you've never accidentally scrolled past child porn on your Facebook or Twitter feed, or cued up an innocuous-looking YouTube video only to find a clip of a beheading. For that, you have tens of thousands of poorly-paid contract workers to thank. » 10/23/14 1:15pm Yesterday 1:15pm

Obama's Cool New Civil Rights Chief Isn't Going to Legalize Drugs

It's well known that Vanita Gupta, whom Eric Holder recently named as acting head of the Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division, supports pot decriminalization. However, as conservative blogger Cully Stinson points out, she'd actually like to see all drugs decriminalized. Stinson would have you believe that's a… » 10/22/14 2:05pm Wednesday 2:05pm

These Are the Creepy 4Chan Successors Behind Gamergate's Pathetic War

Both the amorphous anti-feminist movement Gamergate and last month's extended leak of a huge cache of private celebrity nude photographs—the two biggest internet-based stories in recent memory—have served as coming-out parties for a small set of anonymous, uncensored image boards that function like 4chan's raggedy… » 10/22/14 9:55am Wednesday 9:55am

Brave Local Reporter Refuses to Be Silenced in the Face of Big Pumpkin

Being a good reporter often means pissing off the very person you're attempting to interview—you try to keep it civil, but sometimes, the situation spirals out of your control. When an establishment menace in a festive outfit attempted to silence a New Hampshire TV journalist last night, he handled it like a pro. » 10/20/14 1:05pm Monday 1:05pm

Prominent Investment Banker Doors Cyclist, Takes Off Running: Report

Harry Wagner, managing director of the investment bank Allen & Company, doored a CitiBike cyclist on Sixth Avenue today, sending him off of his bike, then took off sprinting before the ambulance arrived, according to a Complex report. » 10/17/14 7:00pm 10/17/14 7:00pm

The Harrowing Psychological Side Effects of Stop-and-Frisk

A new study published in the American Journal of Public Health draws a conclusion that should be obvious to anyone familiar with the NYPD's stop-and-frisk tactic: If you can't leave your house and walk around outside without fear of police harassment, you're likely to have some adverse psychological effects. » 10/17/14 10:36am 10/17/14 10:36am