The New York Times Legalize Weed Editorial Didn't Change Obama's Mind

President Barack Obama, forever maybe-sorta-OK-with-but-not-exactly-jazzed-about cannabis, was unconvinced by the New York Times's late-to-the-party proclamation that the plant should be legalized on a federal level. » 7/28/14 4:34pm Yesterday 4:34pm

Pregnant Woman Gets Apparent NYPD Chokehold After Grilling on Sidewalk

The NYPD, seemingly determined to double down on violence against black people after the post-chokehold death of Eric Garner, apparently used the banned tactic again on a seven-months-pregnant woman after she grilled on the sidewalk in front of her home this weekend. » 7/28/14 2:40pm Yesterday 2:40pm

Man in Eric Garner T-Shirt Dunks Over NYPD Cruiser on Staten Island

"The cops were really great and nice about it — it was a little bit surreal," said Joel Soto, one of the tournament's organizers. Brian Hogan-Gary, the dunker, wore a shirt that read "RIP Eric Garner." » 7/28/14 2:30pm Yesterday 2:30pm

NYPD Cop Gets Desk Duty After Allegedly Stomping Pot Suspect's Head

The video above shows Brooklyn police arresting Jahmil-El Cuffee in Bed Stuy last week, after Cuffee allegedly rolled a joint in public. At about 1:40, with Cuffee held down on the ground by several cops, officer Joel Edouard delivers what looks an awful lot like a swift boot to the side of his head. » 7/28/14 9:11am Yesterday 9:11am

Terrifying California Porcelain Dolls Weren't So Terrifying After All

Breathe easy, Orange County: there is not some sinister serial killer leaving porcelain doll replicas of the little girls he plans to chop up and eat at homes around San Clemente. In fact, it was probably just some weird old grandma! » 7/25/14 8:42am Friday 8:42am

Hollande: No Survivors in Air Algerie Crash, Black Box Found

There were no survivors of the 110-passenger Air Algerie flight that crashed in Mali this week, French president Francois Hollande said today. Nearly half of the plane's passengers were French nationals. » 7/25/14 7:57am Friday 7:57am