How Cards Against Humanity Sold Actual Poop to 30,000 Satisfied Idiots

There was no big secret to Cards Against Humanity creator Max Temkin's ploy to sell 30,000 boxes of actual bull feces on Black Friday. His game simply has a lot of fans, and some of those fans will evidently buy literally anything he sells. Still, Temkin broke down the finer points of shit-slinging in a blog post… » 12/18/14 2:27pm Today 2:27pm

Anatomy of a Right-Wing Bill Clinton Meme

If you travel in certain GOP-centric lanes of the internet, you may have recently come across the above image macro, whose jumbled message depends on awareness of Bill Clinton's reputation as a lecher, resentment of the rape accusations against Bill Cosby, and the apophenic close-reading presumption that it's… » 12/18/14 11:35am Today 11:35am

Rikers Guard Found Guilty of Civil Rights Charge in Inmate Poison Death

Terrence Pendergrass, a former Rikers Island captain who allegedly refused to help a dying mentally ill inmate who had eaten a toxic ball of cleaning powder, was found guilty of a federal civil rights charge today. As the New York Times notes, Pendergrass is the first Rikers official to be charged for a civil rights… » 12/17/14 5:35pm Yesterday 5:35pm

"Unedited Footage of a Bear" Is the Weirdest Adult Swim Infomercial Yet

In its goofiness and free-association, Adult Swim's 4 a.m. Infomercials series feels tailor-made to late nights spent with too much weed. "Unedited Footage of a Bear," the latest installment of the series that "Too Many Cooks" made famous, feels more akin to bath salts. » 12/17/14 1:51pm Yesterday 1:51pm

Fung Wah Bus Will Resume Boston-to-NYC Thrill Rides Early Next Year

The Fung Wah Bus, which once shuttled human cargo from New York to Boston for $15 each way and managed somehow to be every bit as reliable as the Greyhound (that is to say: utterly unreliable), will return in early 2015 after more than a year off the road, its attorney told Reason this week. » 12/17/14 9:56am Yesterday 9:56am

30,000 Idiots Bought Boxes of Actual Shit for $6 on Black Friday

Are you one of the 30,000 thirsty rubes who were lucky enough to score the Cards Against Humanity Bullshit Box before it sold out on Black Friday? Congratulations: you are a reprehensible human being, and you got exactly what you deserved. » 12/15/14 5:35pm Monday 5:35pm

Spanish Town Rolls in Cash Thanks to Famously Awful Art Restoration

Remember Ecce Homo, the best meme of 2012? You are not alone. According to a New York Times report, the botched painting restoration seen 'round the world has worked out quite well for Borja, the small Spanish town that houses it. » 12/15/14 4:10pm Monday 4:10pm

Cool Pope Says Let's Close Down Guantanamo Bay

Cool Pope strikes again: Today, between riding bombing through Vatican City on his longboard and proclaiming that hell yeah the gay tadpole you flushed down the toilet is getting into heaven, the Catholic God's representative on Earth asked the U.S. to please, please do something about Gitmo. » 12/15/14 2:16pm Monday 2:16pm

U.S. Covertly Infiltrated Cuba's Hip Hop Scene in Anti-Castro Operation

The United States Agency for International Development—the same government agency that funded "Cuban Twitter" and sent undercover youths to stoke civil unrest in the country—infiltrated Cuba's hip hop scene for two years with hopes of "[sparking] a youth movement against the government," according to an Associated… » 12/12/14 11:25am 12/12/14 11:25am

Chokehold Cop Who Killed Eric Garner Insists He Didn't Use a Chokehold

If you were so inclined, watching the video of Eric Garner's death, there are a few flimsy defenses you could make of the killer cop. You could say the use of force was warranted, or that Garner was wrong to resist arrest. One seemingly irrefutable point, however, is that Daniel Pantaleo choked him. » 12/11/14 12:45pm 12/11/14 12:45pm